Do you know what... TV Campaign

On Saturday 14th February BGC Fibre Cement's 1st TV commercial was broadcast.

The commercial focusses on two of the Innova product lines, Nuline Plus and Stratum. The commercial highlights how well the two products work together to create a striking exterior cladding option.

Click here to watch the TV commercial.

Click here to download the brochure.

The Choice is Clear - DURALINER™ PLUS and DURALUX™ PLUS

We're changing the colour of the coating on Duraliner™ Plus and Duralux™ Plus from green to clear to give a more consistent appearance making them easier to finish with either paint or tiles.

Duraliner™ Plus is a general purpose product designed for flush jointing.  Duraliner™ Plus is recessed on 3 edges which means less grinding on site. Duraliner™ Plus is highly effective in wet areas, interior linings, as a substrate for ceramic wall tiles and in fire and acoustically rated walls.  Duraliner™ Plus can also be used for soffits and other external applications where there'll be no direct impact from the weather.

Duralux™ Plus is another general purpose product but its square edges provide a geometric finish.  Duralux™ plus can be used in many different and demoing applications such as interior lining, domestic and commercial soffits, exposed beam ceilings and as a substrate for ceramic wall tiles. 

BGC Launches Innova Duragroove™

BGC Fibre Cement has a new product under the Innova branding. 

Duragroove™ is a 9mm thick vertically grooved panel. Duragroove™ features a 5mm shiplap join for ease of installation.

Duragroove™ gives a contemporary look which can be used on both exterior and interior applications.  Duragroove™ is available in 3 different profiles; Smooth Narrow (100mm between grooves), Smooth Wide (150mm between grooves), Woodgrain (150mm between grooves).

Duragroove™ is also BRANZ Appraised No.799 and 798 (2013)

Durascape™ is the sister product to Duragroove and is a 9mm thick base sheet which can be finished with a roll-on textured paint creating a rendered look.

Durascape™ features the same 5mm shiplap join which provides a subtle shadowline and makes this product quicker to install than traditional blueboard as eliminates the need for taping and filling joints.

Internal and external angles available from BGC Fibre Cement fit both Durascape™ and Duragroove™.

For more information on Durascape™ or Duragroove™ contact BGC Fibre Cement on or 0800 424 234